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  3. Alternative Payment Method (PayPal)

Simply log into your PayPal account, highlight the "Buy" tab and click "Make a Payment".

After entering your email address, please enter "Support mail" into the "Their Email" field. The payment amount you enter in the "Amount" field should be based on the Premium access plan you want to buy.
(All payments need to be in USD - U.S. Dollars)

Our Premium access plan rates are:

  • 30 days - US$49
  • 90 days - US$129
  • 180 days - US$198

Click the "Continue" button.

Please enter your name and RegionUP ID number in the "Message" input field at the bottom of this page. You can find your RegionUP ID number at the top of RegionUP.com after you sign in. Your ID number will look similar to this "C00xxxxx". We need this ID to ensure we give the correct person Premium access.

Click the "Send Money" button.

After you have completed your purchase, our team will verify the payment and add Premium access to your account. We will notify you via email after your Premium access has been added.

Please note that there is currently no renewal function for purchase via PayPal. Your Premium access will cease following the final day of the plan you purchased. Your account will be automatically returned to Free member status only.