About HRnet One

HRnet One


Headquartered in Singapore where it was founded in 1992, HRnetOne has teams specializing in a wide spectrum of industries including Healthcare and Life Science, Retail and Sourcing, Consumer, Industrial & Chemical, Food Science, Automotive, Real Estate and Construction, Technology and Communications, along with functional practices in HR, Finance & Accounting, and Legal & Compliance.

The magic is, we work with passion. All our senses, including a special 6th one, come into play as we advise our clients on shifts in the winds, rapidly pool consultants across industrial and functional specializations spanning numerous cities in order to work out the best solutions. We’ve taken a tiny row boat to secure a candidate when it was flooding, sought out another in a back alley after a 2 hour train ride, and wooed one for more than a year because we knew he was The One for our client. In the early days of working with us, one of our team leaders could be found every weekend at the doorstep of the staff entrance of a hotel we were staffing, policing and ensuring that uniforms were put on right. It’s all about going beyond the extra mile.

Our consultants of 16 nationalities - Canadian, American, French, Vietnamese, Filipino, Russian, Indonesian, Kazakh, Myanmese, Australian, Chinese, Taiwanese, German, Singaporean, Malaysian, Hong Kongers, South Korean, Japanese and Thai - work ceaselessly round the clock and leverage on the strong collaborative streak across our offices to deliver seamless services across borders and time-zones.


A thought leader deeply rooted in Asian values of hard work, loyalty, harmony and integrity, practising best-of-class delivery standards, HRnetOne stands out for being truly exceptional.