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About RegionUP


Quality Jobs

We have an extensive database of Professional-Level jobs throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Each job has been screened to maintain a database with only quality positions. We cover a whole suite of industrial sectors, job types and locations.



Access to highly experienced recruiters with special industry focus is what we offer all of our members. We only work with the most experienced, senior-level recruiters, all of whom are looking for the best talent. RegionUP lets you compare recruiters by their professional history, area of expertise and even popularity. Find the best match for you and your industry and connect.


Connect with
the Very Best

Interact directly with recruiters in your industry. Once your profile and resume has been approved, recruiters will be able to search for you and review your resume. Remember that your identity is hidden, allowing you to search without worry of your current work discovering.

Who should use RegionUP?

1. Professionals seeking regional jobs in Asia
RegionUP is an exclusive career site catered to senior level business talent. Prospective members are required to declare their work and educational experience, as well as latest salary and management experience. We maintain our unique screening process to determine whether or not candidates are eligible for our service.
2. Senior-Level Recruiters providing top-level positions
Our recruiters must undergo an extensive screening process before they can create profiles and post job opportunities. Even if a recruiter works for a well-known placement agency, we dig deeper to check their recruitment history and personal reputation. We only let the best recruiters join our network of Asia’s most qualified professionals and executives.

RegionUP vs. Other Job Sites


Other Job Sites
Information Availability Job Postings High-end jobs ONLY Most positions are US$40-60K
Recruiter Information They must register and maintain detailed profiles No information
Information Quality Job Postings Salary screening No salary screening
Recruiter Information Professional and recruiting experience check Recruiters of various experience levels, sometimes very little
Membership Requirements Limited to the best, most talented professional business talent Anyone, and everyone, can join. (And everyone does!)